We raised the barre in the local boutique fitness scene by providing a versatile and inclusive branding for WeBarre.

WeBarre Boutique Studio

Branding, Art Direction

Continually raising the barre in the local fitness scene, WeBarre is now recognised as one of Asia’s leading boutique fitness studios. Thus, it is important to us to create a branding that can represent the WeBarre community and barre enthusiast gracefully. A circular shape serves as a core part of the branding – encapsulating and celebrating the brand’s inclusivity.

The brand harmonises and combines two seemingly opposing qualities – strength and grace. We captured that in a simple, timeless, yet incredibly versatile and elegant branding system.

WeBarre Animated Logo
WeBarre Reverse White Logo

Inspiration for WeBarre’s brand identity is derived from the characteristics of the typeface – a reflection of simplicity, minimalism and elegance

WeBarre Colours
WeBarre Website and Social Media
WeBarre Namecards